DEANNA teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Singing/Songwriting, Pop/Contemporary (all levels.). She also teaches Fingerstyle Acoustic for beginners.
Each lesson is 55 minutes.

Deanna is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. While teaching, she believes that a “learning by ear” approach is a fundamental aspect to guitar playing and songwriting. She helps train her students’ “musical ear” using songs they wish to learn and through these songs she teaches chords, rhythm, strumming patterns, fingerpicking/picking, and songwriting/performance skills. She’s a patient teacher with students of all levels who are wishing to learn either acoustic or electric guitar and for those who are inspired to write and perform their own material.

A prolific songwriter, her original music beautifully blends downtempo beats with organic instrumentation, creating emotionally captivating music that has been resonating with audiences across the globe. Deanna’s polished musicianship, modern production techniques and compelling songwriting emanates a maturity and sophistication that spans across electronic, R&B, neo-soul, jazz and orchestral territories. Following the success of her highly acclaimed EP “half and half”, Deanna unveiled her single “Lately”, an alluring neo-soul track featuring D.Lylez (a top 24 contestant on The Voice season 18). Her next single is soon to be released and more are to come.

Deanna has seen success performing to sold-out venues and festivals across the map, such as Summerfest, CMJ, NXNE, and 80/35. She has had the pleasure of opening for renowned artists including Jamie Cullum, Bonobo and SG Lewis, as well as Raveena, Mother Mother and Yoke Lore. The composer has recently explored more commercial work, scoring for both feature & short films, as well as composing music for podcasts, animation videos, and even a Starbucks ad. One of her original songs, “A Beautiful View” is in the new feature film “Tom of Your Life”.

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June 2024
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  1. RickM. - Sept. 18, 2020

    I’ve had the opportunity to take guitar lessons from Deanna for a few years. I’m older and as a novice have always wanted to actually take lessons. Deanna brings not only her fun personality and teaching style but her professional talent as an accomplished singer/songwriter. Her skills on multiple instruments add even more to offer. Every lesson from the beginner level until now has ended with learning new songs and new techniques. I look forward to continuing to learn something fun every lesson.

  2. briantfagan - Dec. 29, 2020

    I always wanted to learn how to play acoustic guitar, but I never seemed to be able to make time for it. Now, at the age of 50, I finally decided to take the plunge and learn how to play. Since I am not the typical beginner’s age, I was a little hesitant at first. However, I have been taking lessons from Deanna for 2 months, and she is great. Deanna makes guitar lessons fun. I really enjoy her approach. She asks me what songs I want to learn to play rather than merely assigning songs that I may not like. This approach makes learning to play guitar much more enjoyable. Deanna’s teaching style is first rate. I learn something new every lesson, and I look forward to continued development of my guitar skills as I continue taking lessons from her.

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