ANIS teaches Bass Guitar, all levels.
He can teach in French, English and Arabic (North African Dialect).
Each lesson is 55 minutes.

Hello! My name is Anis and I’m a professional musician with 25 years of experience. I play Bass Guitar with the metal band Myrath, with which I tour extensively all over Europe as well as in Japan, India, and the USA, where we perform at some of the world’s largest festivals. I’m a composer and arranger who worked with renowned artists from around the world such as the queen of British rock Bonnie Tyler, The American band Never Light, and many more.

I’ve been teaching Bass Guitar since 2007. Besides coaching multiple professional bass players in VIP sessions, I have taught at various music schools such as Paradiddle Music School by Myrath and the Django Reinhardt Music Academy.

Moreover, I’ve been working as a session musician and I took part in a number of studio recordings. I enjoy playing different music genres, including metal, rock, funk, pop, soul, and North African music.

I’m the first North African musician endorsed by several brands in the music industry like Yamaha, Line 6, Spector, Two Notes Engineering, Hyraw Clothing, Dine Wear, Pedaltrain, and Radial Engineering.

I teach all levels and all ages. My lessons are focused on Bass theory and the necessary technique required for your style of playing.

I love to play various types of Bass techniques like slapping, tapping, sweeping, and I am here to tell you the secrets to make your bass playing sound unique from others.

Welcome to my Bass Lessons!

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February 2024
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  1. WilliamB. - Nov. 18, 2020

    On top of the pleasure to get to chat and to play music with the bass player of one of my favorite band, I like that Anis adapts his teaching to my needs and skills. His online classes are fun and never the same. I never feel the time pass by. Also, he does not teach how to master techniques just for the sake of it. Since he is an experienced musician, he always teaches the link between the technique and its utility in songs and composing. So little by little, we can become able to master our own style, our confidence. Also, the classes are cool, we can have a few breaks to talk about gear or how it is like to be part of a professional band. But in between, Anis offers exercises that keep me focused and kind of under pressure : I have come to realize that it is the kind of challenges I need in order to develop my skills.

  2. MarenZ. - Nov. 18, 2020

    I started bass lessons with Anis with absolutely no musical background. Needless to say I was extremely nervous before my first online class. But I found out quickly that he is able to put even the most nervous player at ease and to relax into playing and make it fun. His lessons and homework are innovative and adjusted to the level of ability and capability of every student individually so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming. It has always been a perfect balance of patience, tutoring and loads of encouragement to go beyond my own expectations. I also appreciate the way he uses his musical knowledge to set the learnt exercise in context, giving a frame of reference and perspective which makes learning the music even more interesting. It is also a good reminder to learn to really play the music, and not only the notes. If there are any questions in between lessons, he answers them right away, sends out learning material, refers to online videos or even creates his own short videos to help with the exercises. The scheduling is pretty flexible and it was easy to find a time slot that works for both of us. All in all, I am glad I started this adventure . Thank you for being a great inspiration, Anis!

  3. YasmineM. - Nov. 18, 2020

    I got the ability to be encouraged and helped by one of my favorite bass players and a member of one of my favorite bands! Anis provided a very comfy and cool atmosphere in his courses and made sure I personally get the information right inside of my brain! With Anis as a teacher, not only that I got to be enriched theoretically but also was given all different playing techniques and got to really practice them during the course! He also encouraged me to play at home by myself to improve my playing and get to be the bass player I am today! It is all thanks to him!

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